Kid Cudis Rager Trailer #4 + Kanyes Aussage über ihn

Noch 3 Tage bis das MOTMII Album in den Läden zu kaufen ist und das dort oben ist wohl der bisher beste Trailer. Wie ich finde.

Was Kanye West über Kid Cudi sagt:

“Kid Cudi is my personal favorite artist in the world right now. His music, whenever you see his performances, just his whole take on the whole game. It’s just proper, unfiltered, uncensored artistry. And thats something me and Jay all look up to. Even once we get the commercial success, you’d like to take everything down to an unfiltered space. That’s what he’s delivering, his album comes out next week; everybody has to go and listen to that. If you want to hear raw, uncut, un-apologetic, ill ass melodies, everything, thats what Kid Cudi’s thing is.” via

Wo muss ich unterschreiben?? :)

Derweil ist Jason Goldwatch (u.a. hierfür verantwortlich) dabei, eine 20 Minuten Doku über Cudi zu basteln. Man darf gespannt sein.


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