Kid Cudi – GQ

In the January 2011 issue of GQ they preview their Spring Style Guide starring three of the season’s most promising young stars – Kid Cudi, Justin Chatwin and Armie Hammer. The full style preview runs about 20 pages long in the new issue; but you can preview the pages Cudi is featured on along with a short interview below. Make sure to grab a copy at your local newsstand to read the full style guide.

Weitere Bilder sind  hier zu finden. Folgend ein Auszug des Interviews:

Name: Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, 26

How you know him: The effusive Cleveland-born, Kanye West–affiliated rapper behind stoner club hits like “Day’N’ Nite”; plays a partying modelizer on HBO’s How to Make It in America.

On his new album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager: “My first album showed more vulnerability. It was about my transition to manhood. This one is about my new reality. I’m singing more than I’m rapping, but it’s more aggressive.”

New dad, new day: “I just had a daughter. She drools and stares at me. She keeps me going. I know it’s beyond just me now.”

On quitting cocaine: “As soon as I went to jail, I was like, ‘That shit is for the birds.’ I didn’t have the itch or the desire. I’m just happy as fuck it was that easy a break.”

Other rappers he’s feeling right now: Fabolous and Lloyd Banks.

His playlist: “I really don’t listen to much music at all. I’m still stuck on Ratatat and MGMT. Once I like an album, I’m riding with it for at least two years.”



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