Asher Roth – Aloe Blacc – The Roots

Auszug aus G.R.I.N.D. [get ready, it’s a new day]

…so it’s not about fame and fortune,
it’s about believing and believeing in yourself,
and understanding that this life is, it’s life,
it’s Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,
and Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time,
it’s about loving what you have,
so Get Ready It’s a New Day….

Aloe Blacc & The Roots – I Need A Dollar [live]

# Apple Juice Kid – Frank Sinatra Remixed

# Internet Drugs


2 thoughts on “Asher Roth – Aloe Blacc – The Roots

  1. Asher is real good. Like his flow, the hype kinda died a bit though.

    I’m so tired and I already sort of miss Berlin. Weird. But only when I’m alone. it’s so nice meeting old friends again. Wish i had both.

    and about nothing:
    I once had the chabce to see fettes brot but this photo production we where doing took all day and all night, so i missed it. It’s not really my music though. I’m more of a marteria girl;).

  2. yeah, you’re right… dunno what he’s doin… from time to time, he uploads some kushy pics… so guess he’s workin on somethin special ;)

    berlin calling? hey, you have more than one place in the world that you can call HOME. some people don’t even have a roof… so enjoy IT dear marteria girl. gotta tell ya, since we got kicked out right at the beginning of his concert in duisburg, I really wanna see at least one entire concert next year… denn ich bin so schön verstrahlt!

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