Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr.Rager [FavoQuotes]

Wie damals beim Debutalbum geschehen, hab ich erneut genau hingehört [wie immer;] und meine Lieblingspassagen von MOTM II festgehalten. Es sind längere Textstücke dabei, teilweise kurze Einzeiler. Es ist mir nicht so leicht gefallen, wie bei Teil 1 aber ich weiß auch ehrlich gesagt noch nicht wirklich, wie und wo und warum ich das Album einordnen soll. Im Vergleich zu The End of Day, das inzwischen Gold-Status in den USA erreicht hat [mehr als 500,000 verkaufte Alben], finde ich nach jetzigem Stand Teil 2 nicht derart überragend. The Legend of Mr. Rager wurde zwar in der ersten Woche nach Release knapp 170.000 x verscherbelt, aber die Gesamtstimmung des Albums ist mir persönlich einen Hauch zu negativ, wenn auch ‘affecting’. Cudders Gemüt wirkt gequält, allerdings auch scharfsinnig und dennoch genial. Sein Stil hat sich schlicht und ergreifend weiterentwickelt. Vermutlich weiß er selber nicht, wie das alles in Zukunft weitergehen soll. Für mich bleibt er natürlich ein einzigartiger Künstler, der mich in den letzten Jahren bewegt hat, wie kein Zweiter…

Meine absolute FavoPassage ist:

Give a fuck about your lifestyle,
Give a fuck about a muthafucking lifestyle cause nigga
We, we live this shit!

-mojo so dope-

[1] Scott Mescudi Vs. The World feat. Cee-Lo Prod: Emile

I will play the Yin and the Yang for ya
And my jeans will be off with the little skinnies
Upgraded, fitted into the T
Work hard, making sure I don’t become a memory
Hard to press on when the memories remember me

[2] REVOFEV Prod: Plain Pat

Let go life does get tough
No need to stress
Hold you back too much

[3] Don’t Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige Prod: Emile

people think they’re really being helpful by telling me please be careful

All I wanted was to be a human being and show the world some new colors and scenes

[4] We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) Prod: Emile

[der track lebt vom sound]

[5] Marijuana Prod: Dot Da Genius

I I I be on it all day
Like my nigga Big Boy said
That’s the only thing that keeps me level
Up in my crazy head

[6] Mojo So Dope Prod: Emile

Give a fuck about your lifestyle,
Give a fuck about a muthafucking lifestyle cause nigga
We, we live this shit

I live through words not metaphors
So I passed to be the rest of the freshmen
Playful tough talk
Often the fave till I came to park heart
And said true things

[7] Ashin’ Kusher Prod: Chuck English

Y’all know I keep it funky motherfucka, better get it right,
get it right, better get it right, get it right
oooh hooo, oooh hooo yeaaaah
and I’ll be rockin along zonin
and movin along zonin,
oooh hooo, oooh hooo yeaaaah

Hey, doin what I want, no need to front
skinny and tatted the fuck up
they pass me the blunts, baby get up
we in this bitch, laxin
dennis [true story! sagt er wirklich:] know the game, he in the crowd mackin
all up off the dome, no need to pin it friend
me and my nigga we gettin in

Doin what I need, hater rhyme LK
how many times I tell em we don’t care what people say

[8] Erase Me feat. Kanye West Prod: Jim Jonsin

She said she don’t know me,
I think she hates me deep down
I know she does
She wants to erase me

Hello, uh, I’m Yeezy
She said, “Hi I’m Aria”
No, you an angel
You wave hi to Aaliyah

[9] Wild’n Cuz Im Young Prod: Plain Pat

I guess the fact my father smoked and drink
made a young nigga destiny to do the exact same

fuck the blogs, Imma tell my story
No matter the phase, my name is engraved
In the minds of the young
To be living til’ their grave
You live and you learn
Doing bumps in the day
Keep blunts to burn

[10] The Mood Prod: Emile

Hey, there’s a hunger in the night
The moonlight kissing the nips on the model frame
I kissed her inner thigh
Closed my eyes, she began to make me fit

Naked as always, honest
Her hands all over my privates
Lost in the mood

[11] MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent Prod: Anthony Killhoffer

I love the darkness yeah
I like to marry it
it is my cloak, it is my shield, it is my cape
I love the dark, maybe we can make it darker
give me a marker

I am the maniac, I am the fool
I found a monster in me when I lost my cool
it lives inside of me eating whats in its web
put black spray paint on my windows during the day
wanna spend time with it, I think I’m losing it
or I found it and I’m using it
I wear my shades at night so I can look in the abyss
I see something in nothingness if you could picture this
put black holes in my jar lid
I climb the wall, I’m too high and now I’d die from the fall
before the waters to our knees
we can’t climb on the tree’s wash away
and you and I are the disease

[12] Mr. Rager Prod: Emile

You might hear the birds singing flying around,
you never see them too long on the ground
You want to be one of them…

Knocked down round for round
You’re feeling like you’re shot down on the ground
When will the fantasy end, When will the heaven begin

[13] These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige Prod: Emile

Yeah the crazy the wizard
So much whiskey all in my liver
I really like the punch it delivers
Makes me warm while I high five sinners
All alone trying to hide from the shadows
Ain’t no use, it seems everywhere they follow
They know where I be at, in my mind tryna get me

Yeah life is like that, beat me up and I’m fighting right back
Poof poof be gone, I see the devil linger on, yeah I wanna win,
As long as I can do the work within, lord help me in, I feel like its my only friend.

[14] The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray Prod: Blended Babies

My brother told me a long time ago
Don’t focus where you been, focus where you trying to go!

[15] All Along Prod: Emile

When the days change
So does my attitude
I’m messy at home
I ate a lot of junk food
when the nights change
So do my nightmares too
I dream reality, heres my dream
All along all along I guess I’m meant to be alone

[16] GHOST! Prod: Emile

Now I’m gone in your photograph
I bet you wish you could get me back
Now I’m stuck in your memory
A mistaken identity

[17] Trapped In My Mind Prod: Dot Da Genius

Now it’s a gift and a curse since my birth
I’m in a prison
Oh I’m happy right where I’m at

You see I’m trapped in my mind
And I know it’s crazy
Hey it’s not that bad at all

When yo think of the world
I know it’s crazy
Hey I’m not that bad at all


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