Paintball X Street Art

“When Paintballing meets Street Art the end result can only be amazing! These Paintballing legends turn the graffiti world on its head using their paintball guns to create awesome street art images. Inspired by Mountain Dew these street artists carve rolling vistas of colour with their paintball guns in a space, and a world usually reserved for Graffiti Kings.”


via likecool


One thought on “Paintball X Street Art

  1. A lot of art critics and authorities officials would argue that so called street artwork is almost nothing significantly more than just glorified graffiti at most effective and functions of vandalism at worst. It is not unheard of for even the most well-known pieces of street artwork to be painted above by council contractors or the proprietors of the structures on which they had been painted. Even so this road artwork has risen in reputation and the manifeste consciousness vastly in modern several years and this is enormously, while not exclusively, because of to the elusive guerrilla artist regarded as Banksy.

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