Mac Miller – Frick Park Market [Video]

Frick Park Market ist dann wohl die erste Auskopplung aus Mac Millers nächstem Album (Blue Side Park). Wie gewohnt ist das Video ein unterhaltsamer Hingucker und lyrisch wieder mal crispy, see verse #1:

My name Mac Miller, who the fuck are you
Well my crew too live but I ain’t Uncle Luke
And I ain’t no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir
From Pittsburgh, smoke papers or a swisher
Welcome to the Cam Rellim chronicles
Looking out my monocle
I’m dodging obstacles, I gamble like the Bellagio
You cockroach, I’m heroin cause everything I talk is dope
Type to leave it clean and fucking shiny word to Mop & Glo
Tryin’ to get a mansion ain’t nobody here gon’ find my room
Money gonna be green I guarantee you that my socks stay blue
So press play, I start from scratch and never use no template
The next day these losers always goin’ with whats trendy
My pen game is something these motherfuckers have never seen
All City Champion everybody is second string
No need to testify (testify) for the best is I (best is I)
And anybody in my way goin’ to be left to die


Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present…

Mac Miller
Frick Park Market (Produced by ID Labs)
1st Single Off of Mac’s Debut Album, Blue Slide Park
Now Available On ITunes:

Directed By Ian Wolfson
Produced By Noam Harary
Cinematography By Jon Chen
Choreography By Jules Bakshi
Additional Camera Support: Dave Prokopec
Additional Support: Alex Surgent & Justin Boyd
Production Assistant: Erin Slovon
Make-Up By Bethany Montecalvo
Executive Producer; Benjy Grinberg
Marketing & Promotion: Arthur Pitt

Frick Park Market Dancers:
Jules Bakshi
Daphne Drisscoll
Amanda Rone
Katie Schurman
Alyssa Young

Special Thanks: Karen Meyers, Frick Park Market, Most Dope, Sam Racanelli

Rex Arrow Films 2011
Rostrum Records 2011


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