The Weeknd – Thursday [Mixtape]

It’s here ya’ll, the latest offering from The Weeknd is Thursday, a nine track mixtape that includes recent tracks ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘The Birds’, as well as new collaboration with Drake called ‘The Zone’.

Download: The Weeknd – Thursday [Mirror mirror on the wall]


01. Lonely Star
02. Life Of The Party
03. Thursday
04. The Zone (Ft. Drake)
05. The Birds Part One
06. The Birds Part Two
07. Gone
08. Rolling Stone
09. Heaven Or Las Vegas




One thought on “The Weeknd – Thursday [Mixtape]

  1. Tiena I guess I’ll go first!I didn’t think Take Care could get ANY better but DJ Bandcamp proevd me WRONG!! I know Drake would be impressed ..I know I am! Don’t Drink And Drive should be put on the shelves for purchase! And this one time at band camp ..You’ve done it again! (Two thumbs up)

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