Kid Cudi – Puzzling [Complex 2011 Cover Story]

Das Complex Magazine und Kid Cudi haben sich wieder einmal getroffen und erneut eine Cover-Story produziert: “Cudi discusses whats changed in his life such as quitting weed, parting ways with Pat & Emile, recording a rock album and more since his cover story late last year. Check out the cover and video shoot below.”

Charismatic, musically gifted, and wildly ambitious, Kid Cudi has all the trappings of a crossover star. But Cudder refuses to play that game. And consequently he wins at his own.

This feature appears in Complex’s October/November 2011 issue.

Kid Cudi loves Walk Hard. So much. So much, in fact, that the 27-year-old musician says that he uses the slept-on Judd Apatow mock-rock biopic to chart his career trajectory. However, the fact that he’s wearing real-deal shit-kicking cowboy boots (!!!) at this very moment, seated in his Tribeca apartment (which looks like Tom Hanks’ loft in Big, reimagined by Nigo), is purely coincidental. But I digress. Back to Walk Hard. What makes this whole comparison to the rock-n-roll cliché kinda crazy is that young Cudder has done in three years what it took that flick’s Dewey Cox 25 years to do. Seriously. You know Cox’s story: rise from obscurity on the back of a signature hit, have a kid, go psychedelic, party out of control, get arrested, break up the band, get cleaned up.

“Being around Kanye was my escape. Seeing how he throws himself into the studio when he’s stressing about something, I totally admire that. Being around that was therapy for me.”



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