Fyre Dept – The Lost Files Vol.1 [Mixtape]

Unglaublich was heutzutage für LAU über den Tisch geht… definitiv das Tape der Woche:

Introducing The Lost Files Vol I by the Fyre Dept (Adam Deitch & Eric Krasno) available for FREE on Royal Family Records.

The Fyre Dept, consisting of lifelong friends and musical cohorts Adam Deitch and Eric Krasno, have put together a collection of their hottest tracks that have been locked in the vaults of their Brooklyn studio for years. Deitch began the process of sampling countless musical heroes of his onto his Korg Triton keyboard about 10 years ago. After rearranging pieces of different records mixed with samples of his own drums and percussion, as well as adding basslines and efx, Kraz stepped in and added his masterful guitar playing, mixing and mastering skills, while coordinating and producing the guests that appear on this mixtape. This mixtape is edutainment, meaning that we encourage you to do research into the artists we sampled as well as the emcees and musicians that appear. This is also a homage to a style of Hip Hop music that we love. Enjoy the lost files.



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