DJ Marley Marl – Heavy Dee Tribute Mix

Anfang der Woche hat es Heavy D. erwischt. Er war vor allem Anfang der 90er schwer unterwegs, so dass ich ihn leider etwas verpasst habe. “Now that we found love” und der ein oder andere Track ist sind mit natürlich/trotzdem ein Begriff. Marley Marl hat ihm zu Ehren ein Tape gemixt:

Yesterday i was informed of the untimely passing of my long time Friend and Artist that I made Major HIP HOP History with Dwight Meyers aka “Heavy D”
I am devastated by the horrible news. Dwight Meyers aka “Heavy D” was one the nicest people you would ever wanna know in your life time. My condolences go out to the Meyers Family & His extended Family. MY DUDE HEV YOU WILL BE MISSED BY MANY HAVE A PEACEFUL JOURNEY MY FRIEND…………This is my Dwight Meyers pka Heavy Dee TRUBUTE TO LIFE MIX That i did for 107.5 WBLS NYC today @ noon With ejept.
ENJOY AND KEEP PEACE IN YOUR HEART. Tell the people you care for that you LOVE them. Anyday could be your LAST.



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