DJ Adlib – Tales From The Tablist [Mixtape]

DJ Adlib bastelt zur Zeit an einem neuen Tape, welches Anfang 2012 erscheinen soll. Um die Zeit sinnvoll zu überbrücken hat er sein legendäres Mixtape Tales From The Tablist (2002) als freeby zur Verfügung gestellt:


A01 Intro
A02 BJ Digby “Surrender”
A03 Dave Ghetto “Eye Level”
A04 Dj Serious – “We Recognize” feat. Clas
A05 Rip Shop “Shoplif” feat. Mr Lif
A06 Noisy Stylus “Radio Zapping Pt. 1″
A07 Planet Asia “Living’ It Up”
A08 Geology “Communicate” feat. Sadat X
A09 Kan Kick “Live As It Gets” feat. Oh No
A10 Mission “Mission 2″ (Remix)
A11 Mr. Complex “Taboo”
A12 DVD “The Natural”
A13 Wee Bee Foolish “This Kid”
A14 Lacksidaisycal “Nothing going on”
A15 Lone Catalysts “Unity”
A16 Diggin’
A17 Geology “Shorty”

B01 Intro feat. Blabbwona
B02 Declaime “Still Waters”
B03 Five Deez “Stupid”
B04 Swamburger “Socialize”
B05 Kazi & Oh No “You wanna take this”
B06 Truth Enola “All alone”
B07 Noisy Stylus “Radio Zapping Pt. 2″
B08 Montana “Titel Unkown”
B09 Quasimoto “Confused”
B10 Mad Men “Mad mad world”
B11 Lord Finesse “Down for the Underground”
B12 O.C. “Showtime”
B13 Diggin’ Deeper
B14 INI “Fakin’ Jax” (Instr.)
B15 Thrust “Remember when”

[danke an melting pott music via mail]


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