DJ Soulscape – The Sound of Seoul in New York [Video]

Da geht mein asiatisch-amerikanisches Herz auf:

DJ Soulscape, a critically acclaimed musician and an avid vinyl collector, has spearheaded a project to uncover the lost archives of Korea’s musical past. The Sound of Seoul and More Sound of Seoul compilations were conceived to revisit lost Korean music of the ‘60s and ‘70s. With the success of this series in Korea, Essentic in partnership with DJ Soulscape, have decided to coordinate several functions to introduce such unique vintage sound in conjunction to Soulscape’s recent trip to New York City.

The postwar Korean peninsula was a melting pot for both Eastern and Western cultures. This interaction led the music business to grow significantly as clubs were founded around the U.S. military bases. Many musicians who played for the clubs had interpreted and localized rock, jazz, soul and boogaloo in various styles. However, such unique music was suppressed and vanished due to the political interest of the military regime in the mid ‘70s. Today, the music that once thrived during those periods remains discontinued and by essenticNYC

via Marc


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