A Super Nice Christmas Carol [BeatTape]

Tired of hearing Wham and Mariah Carey every year at Christmas with the same songs? Had enough of hearing Paul McCartney at his worst? And are you sick of hearing this guy saying that he saw his mommy kiss a fat guy with a beard? Do not despair, Super Nice Music to the rescue!!

All the beatmakers affiliated to Super Nice joined forces to serve you a different dish this year. They have been chopping up Christmas samples from the likes of Chris Rea to Otis Redding and transformed them into instrumental Hip Hop beats so you can still enjoy the holidays with some nice Christmas music without losing your swag!

The project contains 11 tracks from producers such as MO & TJ Hooky from the BUMS, North Carolina USA to Amsterdam producers like Rome Le’Vant, Laezea and Lemonface. And how can we forget Arnhem’s own Dave Redi known from his critically acclaimed Super Nice debut, Insomniac Music. An honorable mention goes out to DNGRSC who is on the artwork and was supposed to be on this project, but didn’t make it in time due to us keeping him (too) busy with the video’s for Dave Redi.

We wish everybody a merry Christmas with friends and family, we’ll get back at you with more Super Nice Music in 2012!
A big thank you goes out to Commonlight for making the artwork and to Associated Minds for blessing us with the hidden bonus track!


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