J. Pinder feat. Mistah Fab – Dream Killers [Video]

J. Pinder from Seattle came through with his brand new video earlier today: DREAM KILLERS featuring Mistah FAB. I have to admit that I fell in love with the flow, the girls and all the smiles in this video, although its topic is more serious than you’d think.

They used to be called haters. The people who push their own sense of self loathing and misery on you, telling you that what you pursue is not attainable, that you will amount to nothing. They can be peers, enemies, friends, family even the media. J. Pinder and Bay Area MC Mistah F.A.B. tackle them head on in Pinder’s newest cut “Dream Killers” and dodge every countermove of those shifty killers with ease.
As the Pinder, Ben Pramuk and Martin Feveyear produced beat rolls in with filtered synths chiming and a bit reduced bass line J. arrives first. With trademark lyrical tact, confident delivery Pinder reflects, “Sometimes I wonder if I’m too real, too down to earth, not enough fun / Not enough play, too much work, not enough sun”. Lead PWM synths cut across blare as he describes where and what he has heard from the dream killers over the years, “Heard it too many times that I’ll forever stay local” and unlike other anti-hater anthems you get the real sense that Pinder is indeed showing us his hand. The dream killers have hurt him, their words have injured him. However in typical J. Pinder fashion he follows up with determination, hope and courage, “They are the misery, that loves company/ They are my motivation/ They are my inspiration” and you feel that.

Directed by John Coyne and Trevor Traynor
Follow J. Pinder on twitter @Jpinder
Like J. Pinder on Facebook /jpindermusic
Download “Dream Killers” http://www.jpinder.com


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