Table Knights – Gutter Cats [BeatTape]

At a time when no one works strictly with MPC’s anymore, we have put out for you a pure, hardware-only, true-school, Hip Hop beat album. A few years ago St. Svenson & MC Ayatolla, two longtime friends who had been messing around with MPC’s and mic’s ever since, have put together a compilation album of beats and rhymes, “Sounds of Victory”, which instantly became a local classic. 5 years have passed and the beats kept piling up in endless memory cards laying around Svenson’s room. One clear afternoon, MC Ayatolla went through all the beats that were laying around and picked the chosen few to represent the works of 5 years of Table Knights. The results are right here – 30 minutes of beats that will sock your knocks out.

released 07 January 2012
Production by: Table Knights
Mastering: Kalimist
Illustration & Design: Fuse (AFK)
Typography: Raw Sun Photography: Joy


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