Doku: Busta Rhymes – Life & Rhymes (Video)

Für mich one of the greatest und einer der Helden on my way to Hiphop: Busta Rhymes, New Yorker, inzwischen 40 Jahre, ehemaliges Mitglied der Leaders of the New School, bringt nach acht Studioalben Ende August sein neues Album “Year of The Dragon” über Google Play raus. Aber jetzt erstmal 20 Minuten Life & Rhymes mit vielen Interviews, Bildern etc:

With this in-depth documentary, we spoke to Busta and some of his closest collaborators about the evolution of his double time rhyme style and how dubbing live old school rap battles as a child lead him to wowing crowds today. Watch the video, revisit some of Busta’s best records and grab his explosive (as always) new singles, “King Tut” and “Doin It Again” for free:

via itsrap


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